Ali Ershadian

Game Developer


Selected Projects

Live Tv Tycoon

Design and manage your own TV station in “Live TV Tycoon” and become a millionaire.

Archive app

This app represent all action that you will need to gathering, managing, analyzing and reporting All Informations about Documents of Notarial offices.

Traffic control app

This app represent a compelete system to control and Manage the movement of persons in all petroleum sites and companies in the country.



Grow plants to get flowers with changing music's pitch and frequency and get help from bats to get rid of aphids.

Delavaran-E kohan

This game it’s an online competetive real-time battle with a lot of RPG elements as the metagame.

Work Experience

SilkRouteEast Inc Tehran

9 Apr 2011- 10 Jan 2012

IT Specialist

I worked there as IT Specialist for configure and setup IP Security system such as cameras, alarms, ...

Avin Resaneh Inc Tehran

20 Jan 2012- 20 May 2013

3D Modeling Supervisor & Web Programmer

I worked there as head of 3d modeling, we worked in 3d programms such as Maya,3Ds max, Zbrush, Mudbox, .... Also i worked as web programmer for linking a chat room in unity engine to a web server and gatherin all data in Company DB.

PEDEC inc Tehran

1 Jun 2013 - Current


I’m working in petrolum engineering and development company as it expert to check all servers for safety and security and prepare them for any kind of cyber attacks, also i’m workign as programmer in automation applications field.

Acid Green Games Tehran

1 Aug 2016 - Current


I’m working in Acid Green Games company as Programmer for game development on LiveTvTycoon Project.


Computer Software Engineering

23 Sep 2011- 6 Sep 2015

IAU Of Shahriyar

Shahriyar - Tehran - Iran









C# & C++ Programming

Web Programming (Php)

Web Design (Html,Css,Js,BS)

Python Programming

Sql & Entity

Unity Scripting

3D Modeling & UV Mapping